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r&d and technical support

BCENV supports you


Amiel Boullemant has more than 20 years of experience in Research and Development, including technical support to industry, in the fields of green technologies, water treatment, soil remediation, and ecotoxicology.

Strategic support

We can help you establish a roadmap requiring Research and Development to achieve your objectives: regulatory compliance, material or waste recovery, marketing of an environmental technology.

Traitement des eaux

BCENV is particularly specialised in the management of wastewater or leachate from industrial or mining sites and can : 

  1. Advise you on improving your current technology or even changing it;

  2. Set up treatment pilots to demonstrate a business and technological plan;

  3. Support you in dealing with the environmental authorities to negotiate discharge standards.

Land decontamination

Working hand in hand with its partners, BCENV helps you determine best techniques for decontaminating impacted land, piloting innovative solutions, or finding the most optimised licensed landfill for your wastes.

We carry out this support always considering your objectives and the future use of the land, where applicable.

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         More than 20 presentations at international conferences (e.g. SETAC, AQUASOL, IAI).