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Brownfield Management



Whether it is the long-term management of a brownfield site in order to comply with a post-operation Permit to Operate, or accompanying a project to sell or redevelop a brownfield site, BCENV helps you at every stage of the project’s management through proven governance.

Strategic options

We help you to identify scenarios that best suit your project: should we sell or keep a brownfield site, which development option should we favour?

We help you to answer these questions using acknowledged tools (e.g. brainstorming workshops, 6 Bono Hats)

Assessment of costs and techniques

Various investigations (geotechnical, environmental), consultancy studies, asbestos removal, demolition, decontamination, redevelopment solutions, we evaluate all these costs to give you as much reliable information as possible in order to work out your strategic options. BCENV intervenes directly or with its expert partners in specific fields.


With its long experience in the transformation and redevelopment of industrial and mining legacy sites, BCENV will offer you options for rejuvenating your site. These options will be specific to your site and will fit in with the logic of your territory’s ecosystem.

Urban development

Any project is only possible within a defined or yet to be defined urban planning framework (PLUi). Depending on your PLUi, changes in the PLUi or regulations, landscape integration, and urban development needs, we can assist you with the support of independent experts.


BCENV works closely with environmental and real estate lawyers to ensure that all legal issues are understood and anticipated avoiding any blockage (e.g. uncompleted cessation of operations).

There is no such thing as an impossible redevelopment project on a brownfield, let’s think out of the box.

Brownfield management is multidisciplinary and is therefore a team effort.

A large number of disciplines are involved in the management of a brownfield site, in its redevelopment project or with a view to its sale. Notaries, lawyers, consulting firms, contractors, urban planners, NGOs, politicians, etc. are all stakeholders involved in the project in one way or another. Client’s participation is also essential, being liable of its strategy at the end of the day.

BCENV’s experience ensures that the project is properly managed and governed to ensure its success.

Supporting the client at the right level.

Every company and community, regardless of its size, has in-house expertise. Thus, for a project to succeed, BCENV will intervene after analysis with the client only where necessary. This may involve strengthening the governance team, obtaining expert advice from outside the project, assisting with cost assessments, facilitating workshops, supervising work or simply providing advice.

Brownfield regeneration is possible!

With our 15 years of experience in the industry, internationally and in a multi-cultural context, we can state everything is possible. If for some legacy sites their rejuvenation is obvious (urban brownfield for housing), for others in the countryside or on the outskirts it can be more complicated. We can help you to combat preconceived ideas and to make the most of your brownfield site thanks to our local, national and international network. Solar farms, hydroelectric, logistics, agriculture, hotel, alone or in combination are examples of solutions.